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Grab a Booth Contest Entry – DOP INC


Organization: DOP, INC
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Brief description of Company:
We are musicians, DJ’s, producers and performers who specialize in rap activism by using music, videos and live performances to spread a progressive message.
What are some recent accomplishments or projects your Company is working on?
Our musical projects come with a political edge. We recently released a compilation album to help raise money for and awareness of Wolf-PAC which focuses on the goal of getting money out of politics. We are currently working on a follow up to this multi-genre project. Our music covers a wide variety of issues that are important to progressives like money’s influence on politics, poverty, women’s rights, police brutality and more. We also do jingles and theme songs for many different talk shows and podcasts, including Stephanie Miller Show, The Young Turks and Turn Up The Night, where one of our artists, Macarone, is a contributor.
Tell us how both your Company and convention attendees would benefit from your Hall booth?
We have a unique display of art and music that we could add to this event. We would like to set up an interactive booth that features a wide variety of music, including hip-hop/rap, rock, R&B, and dance music. This will help us to promote our progressive values and show how music and art can make a difference in building and maintaining a movement. After performing and attending the last Netroots Nation I learned so much and feel we are ready to take our Rap Activism to an even higher level and this booth would help us to do that.


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