TUTN 6-24-2016 A Spectacular Hole

By TUTN with Kenny Pick Slow News Week? Nope!

Time for the Weekend Edition of Turn Up the Night with Kenny Pick! Kenny, Tom, Pete & Joe Santorsa (sitting in for Raine) take on the big stories of the week and the usual Right Wing Batshittery that goes with it!

Trump in Florida… Er… Scotland to talk about his spectacular holes instead of the Palin child, Brexit!

Brexit is the story we never thought we’d be talking about… But shit went down!

News Ninja Action!

The Congressional Democratic Sit-In!

Green News!

Name Calling!

Francie on Reverse Call-In!

Louie Gohmert loses his shit!

Josh Earnest smacks down the NRA controlled GOP!

Colbert Takes Off The Gloves for the Senate!

Tom Morello on Old Man Trump!

The GOP’s final desperate salvo to oust Trump!

Plus more!!! …read more

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A message to Millennials about disappointment and revolution

By leslieboyd

You so wanted Bernie. I know. I did, too.

But I also wanted Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern.

My generation had the Vietnam War, as seemingly never-ending as Afghanistan is today.

We had the draft, and rich kids got out of it because they could afford college and then grad school and medical deferments.

Today, college is even more expensive — much, much more expensive, actually — giving most of your generation the choice of military service or a lifetime of debt.

The system is even more corrupt and you feel powerless. Bernie was our best hope of fixing it, but the system crushed our hopes. The DNC steam-rolled the primaries, I believe, because Hillary was promised the nomination this time for stepping aside last time. The media, which worked hand-in-hand with Wall Street and Big Money, ignored Bernie and focused on the circus that is Trump.

I do get it.

And I’m not going to tell you that you HAVE to vote for Hillary, even though I believe we can’t allow Trump anywhere near the White House, nor can we allow any Republican to appoint justices to the Supreme Court.

But you have thought about that, and your attitude is NOT that of a spoiled child. Don’t …read more

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Mic Check Radio 01302016 Jackey Returns!

By Adam Hebert, Rob Pool, John Kendall, Kenny Pick The Bundy Militia has been busted, Planned Parenthood cleared, and American Taliban have been… themselves. Also, Adam reviews Kung Fu Panda 3, shares some tanuki fun facts, and a myth about Princess Mononoke is proven right. Finally, Adam, Rob and Kenny break down the Suicide Squad trailer, and welcome Jackey Neyman Jones back to the show. …read more