The children will save us

By leslieboyd

Although the local paper claims “dozens” attended an anti-gun rally in Asheville yesterday, more than 300 people gathered to protest the failure of Congress to pass sensible gun legislation, including a good number of youth, who will be coming of age to vote in the next four years. Go ahead, Congress, ignore them at your peril.

I think something snapped on Valentine’s Day.

Another 17 people died in another mass shooting at another school while Congress remained steadfast in its determination to ignore the carnage and bow to its overlord, the National Rifle Association.

Yet again, campaign contributions mattered more than the lives of children and teachers.

But this time, something different happened. This time, the students stood up and said they have had enough.

When the current occupant of the White House tweeted the sad, tired thoughts-and-prayers refrain, students — survivors of the massacre — answered. They’re not interested in the thoughts and prayers of people who take blood money from a terrorist organization, they said. They want action, and they want it now.

Some of these kids can vote already, and within four years, all of them will be able to go to the polls ad throw these accomplices to terrorism out …read more

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Southern Progressive Revival Episode 20 With Caitlin Chris

By Jonathan Matthews Welcome to episode 20 of Southern Progressive Revival for Sunday, January 24th, 2016. Both Jonathan and John had to take off, so Janet sat in the host chair once more! Thankfully Caitlin heard the call of being a guest co-host, and came to the show’s rescue. On this episode we discuss the plight of teens today, Lewis Latimer, Rand Paul calling Donald Trump Gollum, Huckabee’s continued defense of the Duggars, and so much more. So whether you’ve already heard it or are listening for the first time, come join us, y’all! …read more

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Federal water bill includes changes for coal ash regulation

By Rhiannon Fionn This article was originally published by Southeast Energy News and is republished here with permission. The article was written by Coal Ash Chronicles’ director Rhiannon Fionn.
On Dec. 16, and without fanfare, President Obama signed the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act of 2016. Though he didn’t mention it in his official statement, the bill contains an amendment that alters how coal ash will be regulated, with more oversight afforded to the states.
The WIIN Act is an infrastructure bill designed to fund dams, control floods, aid California farmers and provide clean water for residents in Flint, Michigan. Cost estimates for the bill range between $10 billion and $12 billion.
The bill also establishes a state permit program for coal ash impoundments to be supervised by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. That amendment is a win for the U.S. House of Representatives, which has, since 2011, seven times – including the WIIN Act –passed legislation aimed at altering the EPA’s efforts to regulate coal ash.

“This is an issue that we’ve worked on since coming to Congress six years ago, and I am pleased that we are finally able to reach an agreement between the House and Senate,” …read more

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The Clown Car Update for February 18, 2018

By jsantorsa


This week the Trump administration introduced its new budget which included a revision to the current Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program. The new proposal is to replace the current food stamp program with a pre-packaged food distribution system sent directly to the recipients. Rick Mulvaney, the Marie Osmond of the White House budget office says it would work like Blue Apron, but you may even lose a little weight! You would receive a box with all the ingredients for a gourmet government meal. No more need to go to the supermarket and choose the food you want to eat. Instead, our experts at the Food and Drug Administration will scour the dumpsters of the best restaurants in the country to bring you what they think you deserve. So move over Blue Apron, here comes the new food supplement program. They call it “The Orange Middle Finger”.

The Clown Car has obtained an exclusive look at the preliminary menu for The Orange Middle Finger program:

The Breakfast Box: The kit includes,

One Egg (Whites only, of course)
A Joni Ernst biscuit bag with some biscuit crumbs
Something that may have once been a slice of cheese
A secret sauce
Coffee grounds used maybe …read more

Source:: Joe Santorsa