Virginia: Statewide “Coal Ash Stories” film screening tour

By Rhiannon Fionn-Bowman

Working Films Coal Ash Stories Virginia March April 2016

Working Films’ “Coal Ash Stories” program is coming to Virginia for a statewide film screening tour. (The tour schedule is listed below.)

The free screening event includes four documentary shorts and draws attention to the impact of coal ash on communities and public health. The events are open to the public and free to attend.

Following the film screenings there will be a discussion led by those who have worked on or are impacted by the coal ash issue in Virginia. Rhiannon Fionn, a journalist and producer of the documentary-in-progress, “Coal Ash Chronicles,” will be in attendance at each of the screenings.

The four films featured in “Coal Ash Stories” are “An Ill Wind,” “At What Cost?,” “Coal Ash Chronicles” and “Little Blue.” Collectively, they paint a grim picture of what life looks like in communities threatened by coal ash contamination. People are unable to drink their own water, take a bath, fish or farm without worrying about long-term health effects. Similar fears are felt by communities located near coal-fired power plants in Virginia.

“The purpose of ‘Coal Ash Stories’ is to inform the public about an environmental and public health issue being faced in Virginia right now,” says Fionn, …read more

Source:: Coal Ash Chronicles

TUTN 5-24-2016 Fireball From Space!

By TUTN with Kenny Pick Happy Tuesday… Or is it?!?!? Either way, it’s time to Turn Up the Night! Kenny, Tom & Raine dig their heels into the GOP muck du jour for a three hour thrillride!

The Trumpster Dumpster Fire Rages On!!! VINCE FOSTER!?!?!? The Donald Flip-Flops like a dying fish over Bill Clinton!!! PLUS: Trumplestilskin has a YOOGE message for Latino Evangelicals from his noisy airplane.

A Special Message from Macarone!

Jane Hall & Amy Goodman call out the corporate media for their wall-to-wall Trump shitstorm.

Trump’s Healy Baumgardner and the “Top Line!”

News Ninja Action!

The Green News Report!

Name Calling!

Reverse Call-In with Adam Hebert of Mic Check Radio discussing his ‘Towel Day’ Special!

AmeriGEDDON! is a movie that nobody cares about.

Some big Graham Bonnet News!

Charlie Daniels proves you can’t spell IRAN without the NRA!

Fox & Friends gets one thing right among 100 things wrong. It’s a first!

Tucker Carlson slags Glenn Beck!

Crazy Fundies: The Animal Worship Evolution is the Religion of Atheism Edition! Kill me now.

Samantha Bee’s brilliant follow-up to the unholy alliance of the GOP & Evangelicals!

As always the show is peppered with MORE!!! …read more

Source:: Turn Up the Night with Kenny Pick

Mic Check Radio 01302016 Jackey Returns!

By Adam Hebert, Rob Pool, John Kendall, Kenny Pick The Bundy Militia has been busted, Planned Parenthood cleared, and American Taliban have been… themselves. Also, Adam reviews Kung Fu Panda 3, shares some tanuki fun facts, and a myth about Princess Mononoke is proven right. Finally, Adam, Rob and Kenny break down the Suicide Squad trailer, and welcome Jackey Neyman Jones back to the show. …read more


The Creative Nexus™ News: blog for 240216 & info on The Nexus Café

By Chasing Tao

Welcome to the Creative Nexus Café™
Season Two, [Ep004] of the Creative Nexus Café™:
Sunday, February 28, 2016, at 2:00 p.m. ET
(3:00 p.m. AT ~ 1:00 p.m. CT ~ 12:00 p.m. MT
~11:00 a.m. PT)

Link to BTR Player

Call-in to the café during showtime at: 619.924.0981,
or call toll free in the 48 contiguous states at: 877.598.1774

Sit back, relax, have a cup of coffee, tea, or chai and listen-in as Natasha and Roger,
once again, spin some interesting musical tracks that are interspersed with a few friends,
who will present their written, spoken word, and/or musical creations for you!
This Episode:

► A View from the Café’s Window on the World:
with Roger Allen Baut

► Time to Wake-UP folks!

…along with some contemplative music, and poetic cameos

► Something to Consider:
with Natasha Lynn Head

► Interview with Jamie Dedes,
“The Poet by Day,” founder of “The Bardo Group,”
founding/managing editor of “The BeZine.”

“We are a consolidation of two collaboratives, ‘The Bardo Group,’
and ‘Beguine Again,’ with the shared core values of peace, sustainability and social justice.”

Some of the music that is provided
in this episode is from Mevio’s Music …read more

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