I was the victim, not the perpetrator.

By leslieboyd

I was 3 here. My older sister was 6.

I was 3 the first time I was violated.

I don’t remember a time when my body was mine. From that first violation until I was almost 12 and I finally told him to stop, my abuser owned my body.

I remember the hush money. I can still see my chubby little fingers closing around the quarter — which was a lot of money to a little girl in the late 1950s.

I didn’t really need the money to keep me quiet because I knew I was the one at fault. I must have had one hell of a precocious come-hither look. Or maybe it was the way the lace on my ankle socks rested on my patent leather dress shoes.

In the theology I was carefully taught at church, any abuse was my fault because I was a daughter of Eve and therefore just as guilty as she of original sin, which was, of course, seduction.

Sex wasn’t discussed. Bodies weren’t discussed. Our vaginas were referred to as “down there.” Questions about anything to do with sex were answered with, “You’re too young to know that.”

All the while, I knew that; I also knew …read more

Source:: Letters From The Left

TUTN 10-17-2017 What The Hell Is That Sound?

By TUTN with Kenny Pick Download the latest FREE Turn Up The Night podcast featuring Kenny, Raine, Joe, Michelle & Miles!

We got a late start, but we had some fun with fits of rage! And other stuff too.

Tonight we premiered the 1st installment of our new game… “What The Hell Is That Sound?” It’s better than a Toucan eating Chik-Fil-A!

Enjoy! …read more

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The Clown Car Update for October 15, 2017

By jsantorsa

This week, Donald Trump did some disgusting, horrible things. Well, I guess that describes every week since he was born, so let me be more specific. This week, The Orange Shitbag threatened the free press, the people of Puerto Rico, people who need health care, and the continuing existence of the planet Earth. Sort of makes you look forward to next week doesn’t it? But specifically in health care, he announced a brand new plan that we will refer to as “OrangeCare”. Unlike the ACA, the levels of coverage are very specific. As a public service, the Clown Car Update lists the new Trumpcare levels below:

The Donald J. Trump Level: This plan covers the conditions of hand and penis dwarfism. It does not cover diagnostic tests such as colonoscopies as it assumes that you already have enough people crawling up your ass.
The Donald, Jr. Level: This covers Safari accidents and scalp infections due to excessive hair oil. It does not cover mental health conditions related to being the son of a famous asshole.
The Eric Trump Level: This level covers accidental death from tripping on your own feet, reading, or chocking on your own saliva. Eligibility requires …read more

Source:: Joe Santorsa

It’s not as though Harvey is the first perpetrator we’ve heard about

By leslieboyd

How do you imagine it would feel to have this creep come at you, demanding sex in exchange for job security? (Photo by NY Daily News)

Harvey Weinstein is nothing more than a symptom.

People are shocked, shocked, I tell you, that he got away with harassing and attacking women for so long, but I don’t think I know a woman in any job that hasn’t been harassed, assaulted or discriminated against because she won’t put out, because some man feels as though he is entitled to sexual gratification because the women (or girls) he is pursuing seem attractive to him.

Too many men have this same sense of entitlement and they use their positions of power to pressure women into submitting.

Here are just a few from my past:

I was molested from the time I was 3 until I was 11.
I discovered a manager where I worked was turning the heat down so he could look at the erect nipples of women who worked for him. Nothing happened to him, but I was threatened with firing for reporting it.
A colleague kept pressuring me to sleep with him, so I went to the publisher, whose response was to chuckle and say, “Oh, that’s …read more

Source:: Letters From The Left