The Clown Car Update for September 25, 2016

By jsantorsa

This week on Episode 402 of the Tim Corrimal Show, we preview the the debate showdown on Monday between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. To help you understand the debates and prepare you for the unexpected, here are some things t watch tomorrow night.

What to watch:
Will Donald Trump invite his BFF Vladimir Putin to sit in the front row with Gennifer Flowers?
Watch for any sign that Donald Trump is starting to crack under pressure, for example, if he starts telling the truth.
Trump may use a familiar tactic if he feels he is losing the debate and tell Lester Holt he’s fired.
It is a sign of trouble for Trump if at any time he requests a lifeline to Meatloaf.
It may be a sign the Trump is tiring if he leaves the stage and sends in Gary Busey to finish.
Will Trump wear a tie made in China or Mexico.
Will Trump ban Muslims from attending the debate.
Will Trump follow though on his threat to have Hillary Clinton stopped and frisked?

We also have some suggestions for Secretary Clinton to improve her performance. To that end, we have prepared a proposed opening statement, some one line zingers, and a …read more

Source:: Joe Santorsa

Ask a Vet

Good Morning.

With the last Republican debate behind us, I’m a little late on the draw with this one, but nevertheless I hope you’ve been following this news on the book of face.

When Mr. Trump decided he didn’t want to face a reporter and went his own way, he also decided that he … …read more

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