The Clown Car Update for January 28, 2018

By jsantorsa


Wisconsin is best known for cheese, which is made from sour milk. It is also known for Scott Walker and Paul Ryan, which were made from sour politicians. This week, we can add to that list Sen. Ron Johnson, a sour politician with a cheesy conspiracy theory. On Tuesday, Johnson took his X-File to Fox News or as you may know it, the SyFy Network, to reveal that Donald Trump is the victim of a vast conspiracy by forces inside the FBI to take him down. No, not the forces inside Donnie’s head that push his tiny fingers on Twitter. We are talking the “deep state”. Given the seriousness of the allegation, the Clown Car felt it our duty to investigate the “secret society” Johnson claimed was working its dark force. What we found will shock you.

We started by contacting Johnson’s office who instructed us to go to a dumpster behind Ping Pong Pizza and look for a pair of Ivanka Trump shoes. We were to look inside the shoes for instructions. Along with a note that read “Help, we are chained to a shoe factory in Bangladesh” was a note that read, “Go inside and ask for a “Stormy …read more

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