Southern Progressive Revival

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ssquarelogoCome join us each week as we explore the Southern Progressive Revival. We will be live every Sunday and look forward to bringing you the best in politics the South has to offer. Whether it be the good folks that are making change happen, or those people that are trying to inhibit our progress, we will be here to cover it! Look forward to the winning commentary of Janet Lee, Joey Word, John Kendall, and your host Wes Carscaddon!

We try to keep things fairly balanced so we take the good (Gentlefolks and Situations), the bad (Don’t Know Shit from Applesauce), and an uncertain mix of the two as we peek in on what our local politicians and those coming down to visit are doing (Gander at the Soapbox.) Look forward to our repeats every Thursday morning from 7-10 am Eastern and subscribe to us on iTunes where you will be able to listen to our edited podcasts starting every Monday afternoon!


Come join us as we discuss the Southern Progressive Revival, live from 7-10 pm Eastern.Click To Tweet
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