All I want for Christmas is social and economic justice

By leslieboyd

This is not a joyous day for too many of us.

Some of us are without loved ones, perhaps for the first time.

Some of us are without a job and therefore without the means to participate in the way convention tells us we must — there is joy in giving, so we must consume, consume, consume, spend, spend, spend.

I spent a part of yesterday — Christmas Eve — talking to people who don’t even have a home, nevermind a tree all lit up in splendor.
We live in a time of historic economic and social inequality. Those of us who have something are encouraged to belittle and discriminate against people who have less — even against people who have nothing at all.

I’m working on an article about how cash bail keeps people incarcerated because we in this culture assume poverty equals guilt, if not of the crime for which we throw you in jail, then of being “lazy,” of wanting a “handout.”

One woman said to me, “I don’t have any way of knowing the date or even the time. I live under a bridge.”

But she spent 23 days in jail for the crime of missing a court date for sleeping in public.

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Source:: Letters From The Left