Politically Incoherent from Rocky Mountain Mike

politicallyincoherentPolitically Incoherent
This week the Indie Media Moment on Turn Up The Night with Kenny Pick  brings you the comedic genius and parody stylings of Rocky Mountain Mike. If you are a fan of The Stephanie Miller Show , then I’m sure you have a Rocky Mountain Mike favorite or three! He has a new album coming out around October 15 featuring Voice Guy Jim Ward and the Not Suitable for Work Players you definitely don’t want to miss. You can check out some bits from the CD and find out if you’re favorites made the album at Politically Incoherent.us
soundcloudIf you haven’t heard of Rocky Mountain Mike head over to his Sound Cloud and check out the brand new “The Shut Down Crash”. Watch Sarah Palin’s Story of America over at Rocky Mountain Mike’s You Tube Channel. If you appreciate Mike’s work Subscribe to his channels while you’re there! and don’t forget, Sharing IS Caring. Give Rocky Mountain Mike a listen and support his work, because sometimes you just need a good laugh.
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Vox Populi with Sean Astin

frodoKenny Pick gets the Hat Tip this week for turning me on to this great political talk show from Actor, Director and Producer Sean Astin. He even had to tell me where I had seen him before. Seriously, I have a few movies to catch up on. But, none the less, Sean sure got my attention with his political talk show Vox Populi on the Toad Hop Network. His last show was a 2 hour deep dive into the Syrian civil war and the intervention crisis. This was a serious brain booster for me on the topic and I highly recommend this episode to get you started if you are new to the show.
Sean has hit his funding goal for the new season! It’s the latest addition to my pod catcher and I am looking forward to the new season!

voxpopulikickstarterFrom Vox Populi:

Vox Populi is about Citizenship, Government & Politics.

Sean Astin tackles big issues, hot button topics and other relevant news. He connects the many ideas people have to the real world. The tone of the program reflects Civility and Listening as critical tools in each discussion. The show’s got High Profile Guests, Questions from the Audience, Honorary Co-Hosts, Analysis, Micro Debates and high spirited, fast action Civic & Political Banter/Commentary. Opinions are not only Welcome, They are Required! 

SHOW AIRS LIVE Go to: Toad Hop Network

Live Call in # 323-622-TOAD

Leave a Voice Message: 626-VOX-TALK

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Accidental Creative

Todd-Henry-HeadshotAccidental Creative
This week the Indie Media Moment on Turn Up The Night with Kenny Pick  features Accidental Creative.com 
Last week I was listening to one of my “A” list podcasts, Blogcast FM and enjoyed Srini’s interview with Todd Henry of Accidental Creative so much that I immediately subscribed to Todd’s podcast and have been enjoying exploring his website very much as well. Todd bills the site as “We’re and arms dealer for the creative revolution”. Well, that’s two of my favorite words in one sentence! Creative and Revolution. We could just a little more of these two things these days. I was certainly inspired by Todd and I am looking forward to reading his book,  Die Empty, unleash your best work everyday.
Here is a link to one of his articles I think you creative types will appreciate and give you a good idea about the kinds of value Todd Henry and Accidental Creative will add to your day. 10 Questions That Will Help You Find Your Voice
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Tim Corrimal Show

timcorrimalThe Tim Corrimal Show
The Tim Corrimal Show is a political round table discussion with friends on Twitter giving our thoughts about the topics in the news. We’re the alternative to Cable News where smart people actually let you know what’s going on.
Listen to previous episodes at Tim Corrimal.com and subscribe via itunes , listen on Stitcher Radio