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pixabayLooking for a place to get amazing Hi Res / large images for things like your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter Page covers? One of my favorite places to find eye popping images for my projects is This is an image sharing site where you can upload your images and download images others have made available with little or no attribution required. I created and used this beautiful cover image above on my Facebook page this past summer.

If you would like to know more about how to create your own covers, drop me a line via my contact form and I will be happy help you get started using free tools and images.

Inner Compass from Margo Moon

margomoonNew from Author Margo Moon

Inner Compass

Published July 25, 2013

Available in Paperback or Kindle Edition

Someone is killing poachers in Tennessee’s Appalachian foothills, and Canadian journalist Alexis Jule wants to investigate. So she wangles an assignment to show up before hunting season begins, hoping to get her bearings and talk to the locals. Her first interview is with a female hermit. But Faye Carson turns out to be like no hermit Alex could have ever imagined. Faye is also a chief suspect in the murders, and Alex finds herself navigating the rocky terrain of falling in love with a woman at the center of a murder investigation.

innercompassInner Compass traces the limits of romantic rivalry and spans the gamut of responses to it – from tender acceptance to calculated murder.

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About Margo Moon

Margo Moon is a lesbian author living on five acres with her partner, a big pack of dogs, a large pride of felines and a 3-horse herd. She has a perpetual student loan payment, and like all living creatures, she longs for something she hasn’t quite found.
Margo is lucky enough to have her own little piece of Kentucky soil called Happy Hands Ranch, where they live by the motto: KEEP YOUR HANDS HAPPY

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Visit the Tashtoo Parlour.

tashtooNatasha Head aka Tashtoo at the Tashtoo Parlour is a writer, poet and spoken word artist not to be missed. She is a part of the amazing Creative Nexus project.

Natasha has a rich and exciting collection of spoken word pieces and collaborations with other amazing sound artists at her Sound Cloud home.

About Pulse on amazon:

To the girl who never was . . . and all she’d dreamed she’d be. When chained to a past that offers no hope for the future, where does the responsibility lie? If given the chance to start pulseagain, would the courage be found to take it? Clarity is found in the moments between the beats. Flat-line flashbacks when the victim awakes to the truth that hope is something only she can foster. Journey through a lifetime in verse. Face all the characters and moments that shape us and break us. Do you have the courage to stop . . . to listen to the moments between the pulse? To dance the edge of the flatline and surface to a brand new beginning? Out of the chaos of life, unnamed heroes are born. In her second collection, Nova Scotia poet Natasha Head takes us on a fictional journey of a modern-day phoenix. Venture through the moments between the heartbeats, where baggage and guilt collide, strings are cut, and the hero rises to begin her life anew.
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