Blue Sky Highway from Roger Allen Baut


bluehighwaylogoMy Indie Media Moment this week is The Blue Sky Highway

Listening to this show while doing my creative work does opens pathways that enhance and enable my creativity, it’s palpable and awesome.  Yes, It is possible and it’s called The Blue Sky Highway. I am LOVING this new show from Roger Allen Baut. This show is beautifully done. Outstanding work. Don’t forget to subscribe!



Local, Independent News for the people of Brooklyn and Queens NYC

The BQ Brew  is a quarterly newspaper focusing on the social, cultural and economic issues, that impact the millions of New Yorkers living in Queens and Brooklyn. In a time when even our hometown papers have been bought out by distant investors with little interest in our communities, we’re proud to be part of strong local tradition of independent alternative news media. We aim for drill-down reporting, welcoming both long-form and critical analysis to help us better understand the forces that reshape our communities every day. We won’t chase the ambulances, but we will explain why they took so long to get there.

From Manny Jalonschi , Founder and Managing Editor:

“We have long featured serious, in-depth articles about the fast food worker movement. The importance of critical analysis local journalism–even when the MSM thought this was a micro speck on the labor front, places like in these times, labor notes and the BQ Brew recognized the powerful potential and the real, human needs driving these movements. We’re really trying to get some new subscribers (it’s $18 a year for four issues, but we go deep and heavy, and we hope people see it as an investment in an indie media resistance against the mind numbing corporate takeover of local, national and international press.”

Click over and take a look at the BQ Brew and consider becoming a subscriber and support their work.

“Unvarnished” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

She is back with a brand new album. “Unvarnished” is Jett’s first new music in over 7 years. Pick it up, it’s a good one.
From Mushroom Promotions
Jett has said that ‘Unvarnished’ is the most introspective album she’s ever done. While still keeping to her signature sound, Jett observes her own life as well as life around her. album. Everybody was involved,” she says. Read more.

The Devils of Eden by Joseph Holsworth

devilsofedenI met Joseph when we were on a panel discussion together for The Sunday Show. A Here be Monsters Blog Talk Radio Network show hosted by Gwendolyn Barry and Jack Jodell.

Joseph is a very articulate young man with a lot to say about war from the first person perspective. I just ordered The Devils of Eden and I am really looking forward to reading his story.



This novel delivers a perspective unique to modern war and contemporary America.  The author does not infuse the story with the common glorifications that so often accompany military writings.  He instead writes with an authentic sense of humility and carries a humble tone, reflecting his dismal outlook toward his involvement in the war.  The story is as raw and unforgiving as it is curiously humorous and satirical. The Devils of Eden  tells the story of a young reconnaissance paratrooper deployed to Afghanistan toward the beginning of the occupation. 

josephholsworthJoseph Holsworth was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He served three tours in Afghanistan and Iraq as an infantryman with the 82nd Airborne. After his military service, he went on to study philosophy and literature at the University of Nevada. He currently resided in Reno with his girlfriend and labrador retriever.