Michael Ash Sharbaugh’s debut hosting Blue Sky Highway is a beautiful mix of music and poetry.

blueskyhwylogostreamingMichael David Ash Sharbaugh’s debut hosting Blue Sky Highway is a beautiful mix of music and poetry. It’s an amazing experience so put your headphones on or your ear buds in and ride the wave. Thanks for creating such a wonderful program to create by Roger Allen Baut and with the addition of Michael, it’s even better.

Host (Main): Michael Ash Sharbaugh
Host (Introduction): Roger Allen Baut
Mixed, Composed, and Recorded ca. February 2014.
Welcome to this episode of the Blue Sky Highway™ (BSH)! “Air Castles” takes you further along the highway, on a journey of sound and inner-sight that may guide you into a deeper state of contemplation, awareness, and calm.
Featured Image: “Moon”
by Chasing Tao (Roger Allen Baut)
• Headphones are recommended for full and in-depth aural encounter, as well as for a contemplative experience.
Blue Sky Highway’s™ “Air Castles” features the following selected artists and tracks for your listening pleasure:
01. Blue Room Green: “Prism”
[ Blue-room-green – Prism ]
02. ambientsketchbook: “To Find Heaven”
[ Ambientsketchbook – To-find-heaven ]
03. Michael Ash Sharbaugh and Blue Room Green: “The Parting”
[ Michael-ash-sharbaugh – The-parting-michael-ash ]
Bashō (17th c.) [Trans. by Dorothy Britton]
04. rizzi: “Sonar Vortex
[ Rizzi – Disquiet0106-sonarvortex ]
05. Zach Zinn: “Pulling Arrows”
[ Zach-zinn – Pulling-arrows ]
06. Shoot the Wendy Bird feat. Oisin Connoly: “Lady in White”
[ Barry_snaith – Lady-in-white-remix2-comp ]
Bashō (17th c.) [Trans. by Dorothy Britton]
07. Denominated Dreams: “The Strongest Boat on My Wife’s Sea”
[ Pepper-pepper-2 – The-strongest-boat-on-my-wifes ]
08. Gardie le Gueux: “Lazy Rider”
[ Gardie-le-gueux – Lazy-rider ]
09. Super Miracle Dream Team: “Polaroid #13”
[ Super-miracle-dream-team – Polaroid-13 ]
Bashō (17th c.) [Trans. by Dorothy Britton]
10. Lucho Ripley: “Dos Preludios”
[ Lucho-ripley – Dos-preludios ]
11. Pipe Choir Too: “Lite2Lite”
[ Pipe-choir-2 – Lite2lite ]
12. thebdmethod: “Pride River”
[ Thebdmethod – Pride-river ]
Bashō (17th c.) [Trans. by Dorothy Britton]
13. ssslooshy: “Lady Flambe [I Spy Cat-Skin Jack mix]”
[ Ssslooshy – Lady-flamb-i-spy-cat-skin-jack ]
14. Brumes: “Martin’s Scale”
[ Brumes – Martins-scale ]
15. Kenji Kishi: “Interlude #1 – with Hawaiian Birds, Bells, and Waves”
[ Kenchanpp – Interlude-1-w-hawaiian-birds ]
16. Herbsareflying: “In a Gray Light” [narration of “Air Castles” by Roger Allen Baut]
[ Herbsareflying – In-a-gray-light ]
“Bashō”s poetry was introduced and translated by Dorothy Britton in her fine book, “A Haiku Journey: Bashō’s Narrow Road to a Far Province” [1988, 1980, 1974].

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