Blue Sky Highway™ [episode 007] – “Thoughts from Waking Dreams” Reprise

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A new episode will be arriving Saturday June 7th at 11:30 am eastern! Checkout the previous show if you missed it.

Welcome to this seventh episode of the Blue Sky Highway™ (BSH), “Thoughts from Waking Dreams.” You’re now traveling further along the highway, on a deeper journey of sound and inner-sight that may guide you into a deeper state of relaxation, contemplation, and awareness. Enjoy the ride!
Featured image: “Within a Waking Dream.”
by Chasing Tao

• Headphones are recommended for a full in-depth listening, and contemplative experience.

(Baut | Sharbaugh)
Producer and host: Roger Allen Baut
Co-Producer: Michael Ash Sharbaugh
Music Consultant: Adrian Hallam
Mixed, Composed, and Recorded ca. April 30, 2014.
version 2 [post-“Infra” fix]

Thoughts from Waking Dreams features the following artists and tracks for your listening enjoyment:

01. Intro: Roger Allen Baut and Marek Iwaszkiewicz – Oyasuminasai No.1 [Background music]
Shyprince – Oyasuminasai-no1

02. EvenS – Cosmic Dream
Evens – Cosmic-dream

03. Pino Rastovich – KARADUMAN DREAM
Pinorastovitch – Karaduman-dream

04. JeminEye Incantations – I Am You
Jemineyeincantations – I-am-youjemineye

05. Bridge/Artist mention

06. Jonas Mix Larsen – Mixhouse vs Enigma – The Invisible Sadness MegaMix
Jmixl-1 – Mixhouse-vs-enigma-the

07. East Elysium – The Beautiful Possession
East-elysium – The-beautiful-possession

08. POP ETC – Speak Up – Part II {Chasing Tao Edit/Remix}

09. Bridge/Artist mention

10. Synthland – Lost/Found
Synthland – Lost-found

11. HUSH HUSH RECORDS – Chants – Don’t Miss U {fea Ramzi Awn}
Hush-hush-records – Chants-dont-miss-u

12. GMAKS vs Lisa Gerrard – {COTXETE MASHUP}
Sonikx-1 – Gmaks-vs-lisa-gerrard-cotxetxe

13. Bridge/Artist mention

14. Michael Ash Sharbaugh – Infrastructure
Michael-ash-sharbaugh – Infrastructure

15. Luke Prater – Alice
Lukeprater – Alice

16. DollChe – Landing of the Dandelion Seeds on the Lake
Dollche – The-landing-of-the-dandelion

17. Bridge/Artist mention

18. Pinscape – The Moon Woke Me {IG88 Remix}
Pinscape – The-moon-woke-me
Ig88 – The-moon-woke-me-ig88-remix

19. Maevyn Davis-Rackerby – Lost Girls as read by Xe Sands
Xe_sands – Gp8213-lostgirls

20. Cocteau Twins – Song to the Siren [Here I Am] {Andrew Melt Remix}
Behemoth-3 – Cocteau-twins-song-to-the

21. Bridge/Artist mention

22. Relax Your Heart – Gopala “…So Smooth”
Relaxmeditation – Gopala

23. kenetik – Departure
Kenetik – Departure

24. ‘Bonus’ track – Otso: The Beginning of the End
Otsokaresola – 10-otso-the-beginning-of-the

• Neither the BSH staff nor any of our selected artists receive any financial remuneration from being a part of this show.

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