Bento Box For Week of January 25th

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This week’s Indie Media Weekly Bento Box selections are:

Kimi wa dare wo mamotteiru (Who Are You Protecting?) Electric Guitar Mix by Noriyuki Asukawa from the 1996 anime series Rurouni Kenshin (Wandering Samurai Kenshin)



Big O from Big O, by Rui Nagai, a special request from Snorky.


Big O

Finally, the original Japanese version of Midnight Sun by Anthem.

The Indie Media Weekly Radio Bento Box airs every day at 2 PM Eastern and runs for about 20 minutes. You can hear more like it every Saturday night on Midnight Sun, live at 11 PM.

Adam Hebert

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Host of Mic Check Radio and Midnight Sun shows on Indie Media Weekly. Adam is also our Associate DJ tech support.