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This week the Indie Media Moment on Turn Up The Night with Kenny Pick  features Accidental 
Last week I was listening to one of my “A” list podcasts, Blogcast FM and enjoyed Srini’s interview with Todd Henry of Accidental Creative so much that I immediately subscribed to Todd’s podcast and have been enjoying exploring his website very much as well. Todd bills the site as “We’re and arms dealer for the creative revolution”. Well, that’s two of my favorite words in one sentence! Creative and Revolution. We could just a little more of these two things these days. I was certainly inspired by Todd and I am looking forward to reading his book,  Die Empty, unleash your best work everyday.
Here is a link to one of his articles I think you creative types will appreciate and give you a good idea about the kinds of value Todd Henry and Accidental Creative will add to your day. 10 Questions That Will Help You Find Your Voice
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