The Clown Car Update for January 7, 2018

By jsantorsa

It was the divorce of the century. On one side, a career driven parent trying to prove that he could become the greatest of his peers. On the other, a parent dedicated to his cause but driven by the demons of wanting to have a career of his own. Caught in the middle of this struggle is the innocent little child, watching his parents tear his world apart. No, I am not talking about the plot from the Best Picture of 1979, Kramer vs Kramer. I am talking about the brutal breakup of Steve Bannon and his soul mate, Donald J. Trump. And, as in all messy divorces, the court is asked to divide up the property and decide the fate of the children. The Clown Car has obtained the divorce decree in this matter, Trumpy vs Trumpy:


IT IS ORDERED AND DECREED that Steve “Sloppy” Bannon, Petitioner, and Donnie “Doe Boy” Trump are divorced and that the marriage between them is dissolved on the ground of mutual stupidity.

Children of the Marriage

The Court finds that there are several children of the marriage and their custody is decided as follows:

Mitch McConnel – a child of the marriage to be …read more

Source:: Joe Santorsa

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Joe Santorsa is the co-host of The Tim Corrimal Show and the author of The Poorly Written Political Blog.

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