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Through a Dimension of Sound and Vibration
Part II: Sound, Music, and Healing

In the previous article, I took a look at some of the different perspectives of sound—namely, what is sound, and how it is manifested. We saw that sound may be a wave, as well as a vibration, and that vibrations may occur in many different ways. We then went on to look at thoughts, and found they are also vibrations that are created by the mind electrically. The spoken word, as well as unspoken thought, then, both generate vibrations.
Sound of one form or another is all around us. It permeates our world. We can hear sound in nature from the rustling of leaves in a tree to the pleasant rippling of water in a brook. By giving up the ancient teachings, we, as a human species, take so much for granted and have lost so much of our connection to each other and to the universe.
Thomas Ashley-Farrand writes, “Sound can change your entire life’s course in an instant. Words spoken in anger can cause permanent problems in one’s life. A word of encouragement from a teacher at just the right time can inspire a student for many years to come.”
Ashley-Farrand continues: “We respond to all sounds, but usually don’t give them much conscious attention, or really think about them. They influence us in many ways, but we go on largely unaware that we have been touched by an ancient wisdom…a force of nature…and an instrument of the universe.”
It was the ancient Greeks and Pythagoras who were among the first to envision the power of sound, music, and the Science of Numbers. In several of Pythagoras’ schools, music was used as a form of ‘spiritual’ medicine, and prescribed for anger, depression, and other ailments. Although some may not believe this possible, modern research has found some merit in this, and there are CDs that one may purchase to aid one in letting go of stress, to gain insight and intuition, meditation, relaxation, et cetera.
To further Pythagoras’ sonic elixir, we prescribe a dose of the Blue Sky Highway–a program that may assist listeners in achieving a more relaxed state of being and consciousness.
The McKinley Health Center writes, “The benefits of using a relaxation technique are overwhelming. Regular practice of relaxation techniques will assist a person in relieving muscle tension, anxiety, and in improving one’s overall well-being.”

Meditation goes along with relaxation, in that, as Gregg Braden says,”…in meditation we are silent, still, open, and aware of the presence of the creative forces within our world and bodies. In our stillness, we all allow creation to express itself through us in the moment…”

“Healing involves moving toward wholeness. Healing dissolves limiting thoughts and moves us toward acceptance of all aspects of ourselves. This is a state of living with awareness, in balance and harmony with ourselves, and our environment…,” writes Libby Barnett and Chambers.
Here are several easy techniques that can help anyone to relax and heal:
Relaxation: Take time for you! Allow yourself some private time to put on headphones, sit back, relax, and listen to some music which takes you into your own ‘special’ place. It is scientifically proven that relaxation facilitates good mental and physical well-being. If you fall asleep while listening it’s perfectly okay!
Meditation: Is a progression from relaxation and contemplation, and may also be used in conjunction with music. There are many types of meditation, but for me, the simplest is the best. How simple is simple for me? Just lying down, putting on a meditation CD, and off I go. Edgar Cayce writes, “The path to divine guidance can be found in meditation. To be quiet, to listen for the guiding voice within can bring about such a drastic change in one’s life as to become almost unbelievable.”
Sound: Thomas Ashley-Farrand writes, “…in the tradition of Sanskrit mantras, sound is more than simply a medium of artistic expression. Sound has practical and powerful applications in the real world. Sound can help, and sound can heal.”
We will continue this exploration of sound in our next article, as we drive further in exploring the Blue Sky Highway.


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While The Oceans Rose We Drank, Oblivious (Véla Remix) – ambientsketchbook [Lee Gorman, Larne, Northern Ireland, Britain (UK) & Véla (Henry, Norwich, Britain (UK) ] ambient, chill, chill-out, dronescape,ethereal, relax, soundscape and more.

♦ Hollow Bones – by Kathryn Morrill – (read by Xe Sands) – PLEASE USE HEADPHONES – [Xe Sands: audiobook narrator and voice artist par excellence, with a passion for poignant narrative.] birds, blue jays, compulsion, flash fiction, microfiction, short story, and more.
GOING PUBLIC 1.3.14 – “HOLLOW BONES,” by Kathryn Morrill, Originally published in WhiskeyPaper, Recorded with permission of publisher and author, Link to original story:

♦ MØ – PILGRIM (MS MR REMIX) – _MØ_ [Karen Marie Ørsted, Copenhagen, Denmark] alternative, electronica, MS MR, NO WAV, pop, R&B, Ronni Vindahl, and more.

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